Personal Stories

What people are saying about PURE Ministries …


    • “I really cannot express enough gratitude for the time you gave to us on Saturday. I have heard nothing but positive things from the volunteers who attended the training. I think they left with a new enthusiasm for our mission in this ministry, and I think they also left with a deeper understanding of the needs that these families face daily.”


    • “I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for the work you are doing. The groundwork of the PURE Ministry at NW Baptist, has allowed me to become the leader in my family that God wants me to be. As I attempted to explain on Sunday (not sure how coherent I was), part of why we were not in a regular church family was my own inability to get past the lack of understanding we often faced regarding our son’s behavior. Unfortunately, I allowed that to be an excuse as to why joining a church was not a good idea. The PURE Ministry has taken away any excuse I may have had in the past that would keep my family from attending worship service regularly. Right now we are focused on growing in our Lord. I hope that someday my wife and I will be able to become active with the PURE Ministry and help others, the way you have helped us. Thanks so much for all that you and your group are doing! We will be praying for you as you continue to lead others to start a group at their home church. “


    • “A perspective of ministry that I had not considered before – very informative.”


    • “So very engaging, moving, inspiring! I want to visit and take David’s training; all about God!”


    • “David is wonderful! Respite care is needed and the information is very resourceful. It has given me a plan!”


    • “Can’t wait to start – he was encouraging and motivating.”


    • “David was outstanding and I love his concept.”


    • “Lots of good info – “how to” was good.”


    • “Such a warm-hearted and caring person! Zachariah’s Way will be a great help to us in the future.”


    • “It helped me not to be as fearful about volunteering.”


    • “The DVD was very moving and I think it could be a very useful recruitment tool for those interested in the Ministry, be it parents of kids with disabilities or for volunteers.”


    • “I was sent your newsletter–Zachariah’s Way–by a friend and truly enjoyed it. I also went to the website. I am totally impressed.”


    • “I was touched as I read and learned more about Zachariah’s Way and what you all are truly about. You are absolutely Christ’s hands and feet to this world and I’m blessed by even corresponding with such saints. Please be encouraged in your faith and know that great must be your rewards in Heaven! I rejoice with you at the work the Lord’s allowed you all to do thus far and the impact you must have on the places He opens doors for you to travel and minister to.”


    • “Your website is impressive and the information offers hope to those of us who know we need this type of program but need assistance.”“I just went through your website and I was very impressed. Your group is doing a great job and it matches very much the vision I believe God has given us for our Special Needs Ministry.”