Message of Hope

PURE Ministries was born with a big dream. That dream was to inspire, compel and equip churches to embrace ministry to families affected by disability. Knowing how under-resourced many churches and ministries reported feeling, we hope and pray that we can come alongside them, providing resources and encouragement.

More than anything, we want to create a world where churches feel so equipped to welcome in Jesus’ name those the world calls “disabled”, no family would ever be turned away again. God has been faithful in opening doors as we go out in his name and proclaim this message of hope.


One way this message has been spread is through the development of our PURE Ministry Network. This free resource means that churches no longer perform ministry in isolation, but now have a team of other ministries sharing ideas and materials. This PURE Ministry Network has grown from 25 founding ministries to over 100 ministries dedicated to nurturing faith communities for PURE families. Using the internet to facilitate these new relationships, churches have been able to provide one another with support and training.

PURE    Yes, God has been faithful. As a matter of fact, he has been so faithful that PURE Ministries is obeying the call to extend our influence and ministry. As awareness of the potential of PURE Ministry has grown, so has the demand for our services. Requests abound for PURE Ministries to develop more and different web-based resources. Equally important, invitations for our staff to travel across country (and more recently, internationally) and speak at churches, conferences, etc. are increasing and providing more opportunities to share the PURE Message.