A Better Way: Where Least is Most

Imagine “a better way,” perhaps the most implausible way, that God might use today to transform His people and His church and, as a result, truly change our culture.

A Better Way: Where Least is Most“, by author David Zachariah Glover, introduces PURE ministry and compels us to view all people differently by awakening the average Christian to the blessings and contributions of people with disabilities, “PURE” people, to the church and the community.

Inspired by the brief journey with his grandson, Glover founded PURE Ministries to challenge Christians to see and listen to the needs of PURE people and their families in their daily lives and make them aware of ministry opportunities. He seeks to inspire Christians to learn how they can be involved and blessed and to equip them to act in their communities through their church. A Better Way begins with the story of how God used a little boy, someone whom this world would not consider of much value, to change this Granddad and lead him to start the PURE movement.

“A Better Way: Where Least is Most” provides a scriptural foundation on which PURE ministry can be built and presents practical information and suggestions on how we can lovingly relate and reach out to PURE people and their families. Glover shows us A Better Way is truly where “least is most” and is evidenced in real, enduring transformation of us and His church.

This book isn’t for the fainthearted Christian. It is for the weak ones that want to be stronger. The “poor” ones who want more of His wealth. The foolish ones who desire to be wise. Interested? There is A Better Way and it is found in the most unlikely place with the most unlikely people.

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