Recommended Resources

Other PURE Ministry Resources


Same Lake, Different Boat by Stephanie Hubach: refreshing and Biblical viewpoint on disability as part of a fallen world. Good starting point for those unfamiliar with disabilities.

A Never Give Up Heart by Beverly Linder: An encouraging guide for parents of all kids, especially those with extra challenges. She has lost two children with special needs. Can be used as a group study. Also, check out the website:

Works of God Blog: John Knight of Bethlehem Baptist Church. Reflections on the sovereignty of God over disability, disease and suffering, for God’s glory and for our good.

Insight for Living: A ministry of Colleen Swindoll with a collection of personal and compassionate stories relating suffering & disability to God’s love and compassion.

Wrestling with an Angel: A Story of Love, Disability and the Lessons of Grace by Greg Lucas: A brief reflection of a father’s perspective of his son with disabilities and how their relationship parallels ours with God. A very honest look at the daily struggles faced by many families living with disabilities. A must read for the leadership team of a disability ministry.


Special Needs Smart Pages by Joni & Friends: addresses specific disabilities, volunteer recruitment & training, Bible lessons, printable posters & handouts. Entire book is on CD for easy printing.

Special Needs, Special Ministry by Joni Eareckson Tada: stories of families & churches seeking to meet needs. Includes stories of struggle & success.

Just the Way I Am by Krista Horning: Beautiful photographs of kids & young adults with disabilities in every day experiences accompanied by Biblical statements to help all of us understand our similarities. Krista, the author, has disabilities and her book is an incredible display of the stunning simplicity of God’s love for us – all of us.

Parenting POD If your child has experienced a trauma, you may feel anxious about what to do to help him recover. Prevent PTSD: 11 Things To Do If Your Child Has Been Through Trauma.

Down Syndrome & Dental Care – A Guide for Caregivers and Family Members A thorough resource guide to help families with special needs children, teens or even adults who have gone through rough experiences at a dental office. We have also included an option to print this resource guide to share with families, along with a printable guide with questions to ask your dentist before the appointment. There is also a link to a Spanish version on there as well.

Curriculum & Adaptations

Adapt My World: Homemade Adaptations for People with Disabilities by J. Rose Plaxen – very easy, practical and inexpensive ideas on adapting your church environment.

Lifeway Special Needs Materials: Bible study materials, free downloads, handouts about specific disabilities. Materials geared toward children and adults. Don’t miss their Vacation Bible School curriculum.

Do2Learn: free & low cost printable picture cards to use for schedules, communication, labels, etc. Also has lots of information about specific disabilities.

Friendship Ministries: Curriculum, Bible Study materials and other resources to use in disability ministry. Spanish materials are available. An emphasis on intellectual disabilities.

The Inclusive Church with Amy Fenton Lee:
Excellent and frequently updated blog.
Surviving and Thriving: Volunteer training DVD – excellent content!

ConnectAbility: A local organization working collaboratively with churches in the community to provide respite. See registration forms for examples. (Scroll down to the bottom to find links.)

Teaching Kids about Disability

What’s Wrong with Timmy? by Maria Shriver: A long read, but a good way to gently open up discussion about disability. Best suited for 2nd grade and up.

We Can Do It! by Laura Dwight: Photographs of pre-school age kids with physical disabilities accomplishing every day tasks.

Helping Kids Include Kids with Disabilities by Barbara J. Newman: A guide designed for church or school to help facilitate inclusive relationships.

I Can, Can You? By Marjorie W. Pitzer: A board book of photographs of toddlers & young children with Down syndrome doing all sorts of daily preschool activities. Great way to introduce very young children to how similar we all are!

Other Disability Organizations

The Little Light House: The Little Light House is a tuition-free Christian developmental center located in Tulsa, OK providing educational and therapeutic services for children with special needs ages birth to six.

Joni & Friends: A well-established, international ministry committed to extending the love of Jesus to people affected by disability. Includes resources on starting a ministry as well as Joni’s many books and materials.

Key Ministry: Helps churches begin special needs ministry with an emphasis on children. Goal: “A church for every child.”

Other Helpful Links

Sensory overload: Teaching children with autism to take medication

Children experiencing sensory overload while trying to take medication can be frustrating for caregivers and the child alike. That’s why we created this guide, which was medically reviewed by our team of pharmacists for safety and accuracy, to provide advice for medication administration.

Bedroom Accessibility Modifications for People With Disabilities: Change Amid COVID

With about 61 million people in the United States living with a disability, the COVID pandemic is forcing many to suddenly move in with family and relatives who do not have accessible spaces in their homes. This means that people with disabilities may be uncomfortable or even unsafe in a room that doesn’t set them up for independence. Bedrooms, in particular, are supposed to be our safe haven, but that simply isn’t always the case during the COVID crisis. With this in mind our experts created the guide “Bedroom Accessibility Modifications for People With Disabilities: Change Amid COVID” that you can view here:

How to Create a Sensory-Friendly and Accessible College Dorm

Mesothelioma and Mental Health

Mesothelioma patients may suffer from multiple physical complications as a result of their cancer symptoms and treatment. These physical changes could lead to mental and emotional strain. A serious illness, like cancer, can affect the mental health of the patient and their loved ones. 

How to afford a Service Dog

A guide that explains several options for covering the cost of a service dog. Also included is a list of accredited organizations that provide complete or partial financial assistance for several different causes and needs.

The Seniors Guide to Cancer

Seniors are living longer and having to face more challenges than before. A healthy lifestyle can help you deal with aging, protect you from cancer and keep you at your best.

New Mouth was created to keep the public educated about current dental care practices, oral health basics, and how to find the best treatment possible. Our team of medical writers and dentists provide the most up-to-date dental information in every aspect of dentistry. Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all of your pediatric dental and oral health needs!

Autism and Addiction

Financial Support for Mesothelioma Victims
Mesothelioma patients are faced with many tough obstacles after a mesothelioma diagnosis. One of those obstacles could be figuring out how to pay for the overbearing medical bills. Learn how patients and their families can get the financial help the need and deserve.

Travel for families affected by autism 

With rising travel numbers, many families are opting for vacation time. Unfortunately this is not the case for the majority of families with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). According to a study by IBCCES, only 13% of autism families take vacations. In order to provide these families with access to the resources they need to make vacationing possible, our team at Bankrate has created this guide to travelling. 

CPR Training for Parents and Caregivers: Ensuring Child Safety at Home

Parents Sleep Guide for Children with Autism

Career Guide for People with Disabilities

Help for People with Disabilities Applying for a Job

Currrent guide on mental health disorders  

A Guide to Accessible Worship: Welcoming All to Your Congregation 

Debt And Disability: Financial Recovery Resources For People With Disabilities

Parents Guide to Healthcare for Children with Autism

Seniors with Disabilities Guide

Coping with Caregiver Burnout

Veterans Mental Health Guide

How to Talk to Someone with Autism 

Utilizing Mobile Technology for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pediatric Dentistry: Common Treatment Options

How to Get a Service Dog: A Definitive Guide

The Top 3 Challenges to Finding a Babysitter for Your Special Needs Child — and How to Overcome Them

Home Remodeling and Modifications for People with Special Needs

How to design a home with PTSD in mind

Financial Support and Information Resource Guide for Families of Individuals With Injury-related Disabilities

Long-Distance Caregiving: How to Ensure Your Loved Ones are Safe at Home

Vision Sensory Overload 

Bathroom Safety Tips for Caregivers

Best Schools for Students with a Learning Disability

A Homeowner’s Guide to Creating A Sensory-Friendly Space For Individuals with Sensory Processing Disorders

Home Remodeling Guide for Seniors with Disabilities

Disability Etiquette: How to Respect People with Disabilities

Accessible Backyards: Helping All Your Guests Enjoy Your Backyard’s Bounty

In Our Arms blog by Juli Henderson

Life Planning for People with disabilities

Types of Mental Illness: What You Should Know

Overcoming obstacles while traveling with people who have ASD

How Does Acquiring a New Disability Affect Mental Health?

Making Special Education Work for Your Child During COVID

Finding Accessible Apartments

Helping Kids Deal with Trauma

What to Look for in Accessible Apartments

Simple Home Modifications for Kids with Special Needs

Tips for Coping with Covid Stress

Guide to Special Needs Trusts

Sensory  Overload Guide

Helping kids with special needs face different challenges of toilet training

Physical Disabilities and Oral Health

Moving Tips for Families of People with Blindness and Vision Impairments

Low Cost Dental Implants 

Low Cost Dentures 

Comprehensive mesothelioma cancer information

Top 7 contacts for Astigmatism

Eye Care & Health? – The primary causes of poor vision and blindness in America are connected to certain eye conditions and diseases. These include cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration, among other eye disorders.

How Can Churches and Other Organizations Be More Accessible to People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

A Financial Guide: Helping your child with a disability become a financially secure adult

Autism and Sleep: Empowering Children with ASD for Better Sleep

How to Help Your Autistic Child Learn at Home – An article by GoStudent that covers signs to look for, explaining autism to a child, and supporting your child with autism in the classroom and at home.

Guide to Life Insurance for Parents of Children with Disabilities

Template for housing/accommodation disability request letter

Guide to help deaf and hard of hearing students learn about online accommodations colleges offer to comply with the American Disabilities Act, popular listening devices and applications, and scholarships.