PURE Ministries Mission: India – 2015 Trip Photo Journal

With an invitation to go to India from Dr. C.V. Vadavana, Founder and President of Truth Ministries International, Lee, my grandson, Ben Emerson, traveled there in October, 2015. Little did we expect the gracious welcome received and the warm greetings from everyone we met. True to his word, C.V. had me speaking about ministry to PURE people and their families in five different seminaries and one nursing school in Bangalore. In addition, I taught the wonderful men each night in the Sathyam Ministries Seminary. The week ended in a one night, open-air Gospel meeting in downtown Bangalore in which i had the opportunity to share the Gospel. One meeting C.V. arranged for us that was to ultimately

focus our ministry in India was with Dr. Manju George┬áDr. Manju George, our friend and Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician and Epilepsy Consultant, and head of the Pratheeksha Child Development Center at Pushpagiri Medical College and Hospital in Thiruvalla, Kerala, India. When we asked Dr. Manju what we could do to help her, she simply replied that she would like for her sweet, committed therapists might receive addtiontional training so as to help the 400 children she was seeing each week. Lee and I left Dr. Manju’s office that day with an idea that would guide and drive PURE Ministries work in India in the future. Upon arriving home, Lee and I traveled to Birmingham, Al to meet with friends at Samford University to share our trip and idea. A partnership between Samford and PURE Ministries was the result and planning for our next “therapy” trip commenced. God has blessed us mightily since and our work in India had begun.

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