Funding the Future!

By Lynne

Being fairly new with PURE Ministries, I have hit the ground running! God is calling us to make a profound difference in this area of reaching out to families affected by disability and has laid upon our hearts avenues for creating a cultural change in our churches. As He leads us in clear direction, we are trusting His provision in funding these efforts. As Foundation Relationships Director, I have been praying my way through researching foundations for support of our ministry. Boy, have I learned a lot! There are many wonderful organizations which seek to fund areas of Christian ministry, but each one is distinctly different! Some are online applications which have their own unique requirements, many of which have sent my technology learning curve into an uphill climb! (I never claimed to be a guru in technology, and, no, despite what the younger generation says, at my age it isn’t “intuitive.”) But, I have learned much and just hope I can retain it to be used again. As I try to look at the possibilities for foundations that may support our ministry, I evaluate their goals and areas of emphasis to see if there is a match with our specific call from God. Trying to match the timing of funding is also a challenge and one that I’m learning more and more about!! Many foundations only meet once a year, possibly twice, to evaluate grant applications, so our ministry initiative so in need of funding may not hear until late in the year whether financial support will or won’t arrive. I can see that I will learn more and more about managing the timing. You would think this would all be terribly stressful, but it really isn’t. I trust that God has His hand all over this and He will provide in His timing. Anything I am able to do is purely by His grace. It’s really kind of fun to watch things unfold. A really nice place to be.

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