How do you feel when you see a person with a disability at your local grocery store?

Does it make you feel uncomfortable?

Do you feel pity or sorrow for that individual?

Do you question why God allowed a person to be created with a disability?

Do you feel that there are not very many people in your community who are affected by disability?

Do you feel a calling to reach out to these people but are just not sure where to begin?

PURE Ministries seeks to address these issues and help individuals and churches to grow and understand their role in reaching out to PURE people and their families. We strongly believe that cultural change begins with each individual’s heart and that is where we seek to begin as well. We seek to inspire and awaken Christians through PURE Celebrations and then equip individuals to begin this crucial work in their own community through their church.

Often we hear about “unreached people groups” all around the globe who have not had the opportunity to experience the peace and joy of knowing salvation through Jesus Christ. There is an unreached people group right in your own community – PURE people and their families. And to get to these people, no passport, airline ticket, long flight or immunizations are needed! A large percentage of PURE families are not involved in a local church for a variety of reasons including specialized medical needs, unique challenges in their child, exhaustion from the daily care of the PURE person and many others. Sadly, PURE families who have ventured out to a local church have been turned away, asked not to return or told that “we don’t have anything to offer” you and your family member with special needs. How do you think that Jesus feels when he sees this happen? In Luke 14:13, Jesus instructs his disciples to invite those with disabilities – the ”unreached” people in their communities – when they hold a banquet. And you know what He says next: “You will be blessed.”

We understand that it can be a huge challenge for many people to consider entering the world of “special needs” that is often not understood by those who are not living it day to day. But we seek to challenge you to open your perspective and just give it a try. Many people are concerned that they have no specialized training or background in therapy. But take a moment to consider the family whose baby is diagnosed with Down Syndrome hours after birth. Or the teenager who is involved in a car accident and is now faced with a life-long brain injury. Neither of these families have had any specialized training and suddenly find themselves more alone and isolated than ever before. College degrees, special training and professional experience is certainly helpful but NOT a requirement. The most important characteristic needed in PURE ministry is an open heart and mind. God will provide the rest.

Please consider today how you may change YOUR perspective and reach out to a PURE family in your community.