Advisory Board


Casey Cagle

Lt. Governor of the State of Georgia – Gainesville, GA

“The church should be a safe and welcoming haven to all people, and especially those with special needs. I believe the PURE Ministry Project will extend the love of Christ to many and we will see lives changed as a result. It is a privilege to be a small part of this wonderful ministry.”



The Late

Mr. Truett Cathy

Chairman and Founder, Chick-fil-a – Jonesboro, GA

“The PURE Ministry Project will change the church in America. Loving our neighbor as ourselves is lived out as we love and accept all people for who they are, instead of not including them for what they aren’t. I believe this is what Jesus had in mind for His church.”



Rev. Jeff Crook

Senior Pastor, Blackshear Place Baptist Church – Flowery Branch, GA

“The church today is to exhibit Jesus and to be an extension of Him… we are the Body of Christ. The PURE Ministry Project enables the church to both show Jesus and to serve like Jesus. Let me encourage you to check out the ministry of Zachariah’s Way to learn more about the PURE Ministry Project and get ready to see your church experience God’s pure power and blessings!”



Dr. Johnny Hunt

Former President, Southern Baptist Convention; Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church – Woodstock, GA

“It is a great privilege for me to be able to endorse the PURE Ministry Project. I am grateful to God for the efforts of this great ministry that aspires to educate and offer helps to churches as they seek to minister to the families who have loved ones with disabilities in their congregations. I believe that the Lord Jesus is glorified when we display His love by welcoming them into our fellowship and adding value to their lives.”



Dr. Richard Lee

Founder and Former Senior Pastor, First Redeemer Church; President, There’s Hope Ministries – Cumming, GA

“Wherever Jesus walked, the Scriptures tell us, “He went about doing good.” Such is the mandate given to all of His followers and such is the ministry of David Glover and PURE The more I discover how effective this ministry has been to date, and what wonderful potential it has for the future for touching those with special needs, the stronger is my endorsement for it.”


ills Fernald cropped (2)

Ms. Jackie Mills Fernald

Director (retired) of disability ministry at McLean Bible Church – McLean, VA

“As Director of Access Ministry, one of the largest disability outreach ministries in the country, I am thrilled to be part of the PURE Ministry Project and support it fully. It is very clear in the bible where God’s heart is with His people. Jesus spent his ministry here on earth with the sick, lame, blind, deaf and mentally ill. As Christ’s hands and feet we must also do the same.”


ckler - PF

Dr. Randy Mickler

Former Senior Pastor, Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church – Marietta, GA

“The PURE Ministry Project puts compassion into action for, and in, the Cause of Christ. Too many times those with the greatest challenges in life become marginalized and pushed to the side by today’s culture. PURE Ministry Project is a big help in correcting our culture’s mistake. PURE Ministry embraces Jesus’ favorite folks; society’s disadvantaged, disowned and downtrodden.”


Dr. Jim Pierson

The Late

Dr. Jim Pierson

Founder and President, CCFH Ministries – Knoxville, TN

“PURE Ministry calls the local congregation, its pastor, and its members to open their hearts and programs to people with disabilities. They are to be seen as real people with gifts to offer the Body of Christ. David Glover’s well-thought through plan is a step toward making it happen.”



Rev. Randy Pope

Senior Pastor, Perimeter Church (P.C.A.) – Duluth, GA

“I believe God has raised up The PURE Ministry Project to awaken the church to its responsibility to reach out and serve the disabled of our communities and their families. Join with me and many others who believe this effort pleases the heart of God.”



Dr. Nelson Price

Nelson Price Ministries; Pastor Emeritus, Roswell Street Baptist Church, noted author and Pastor – Marietta, GA

“Compassion is the cornerstone of the PURE Ministry. Integrity is the heartbeat of those providing it. Few churches have large numbers of persons needing this ministry. As a result the need sometime isn’t realized. The depth of need by one individual is significant. Don’t measure the need by the numbers but by the needs of every individual. There is a dual blessing in providing this ministry. Both the provider and the one for which the ministry is provided are blessed.”



Dr. Robert White

Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, Georgia Baptist Convention

“I believe that God is surely in this effort. I am grateful for the insight that the Lord has given to David and his great heart for ministering to people with disabilities. I know the Lord is going to bless all these good efforts.”



Lynn Westmoreland

Former Representative for 11 Years, U.S. House of Representatives, 3rd District Georgia

“The PURE Ministry Project brings fresh thinking and a fresh approach to the Lord’s work. It is our mission as believers to spread the Word of Christ to every soul; the PURE Ministry Project puts a special emphasis on those with special needs. There should be a place for everyone at church and PURE is dedicated to that mission.”



Dr. Larry Wynn

Vice President of Church Revitalization and Leadership Ministries, Georgia Baptist Convention – Dacula, GA

“The PURE Ministry Project embodies so well the heart and ministry of Jesus. It is my prayer that churches and denominations alike will embrace this concept. It will be a blessing to the church and reflect Jesus to the congregation and surrounding community. This ministry displays the love of Christ in its purest form”.